Baja Raptor 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter


Experience the freedom of independence with the Baja Raptor 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter. This powerful and stylish scooter is designed to deliver extraordinary performance and provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride. Choose from three speed settings and take advantage of the digital display, allowing you to monitor your battery life and speed selection. With its large tires, you will be able to tackle any terrain with ease. Enjoy a seamless ride, no matter where your journey takes you.

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The Baja Raptor 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter is the perfect choice for those seeking to maintain their independence while traveling. This durable and powerful mobility scooter has all the features you need for a comfortable journey.

The Raptor has a 350 W motor with a top speed of 8 mph, perfect for getting around quicker. With a maximum range of 15 miles when fully charged, you can go farther than ever before. The ergonomic design and adjustable height ensures that you’ll be comfortable regardless of your height. For added convenience, this scooter is designed to be easily collapsible, so you can take it anywhere you go.

This mobility scooter also comes with several safety features to keep you safe and secure. It has a rearview mirror for visibility purposes, rear-wheel drive, anti-tipping technology and anti-theft protection. Additionally, the Raptor includes a bright and easy-to-read LCD display with speed, time and toggle buttons for easy controlling.

Finally, the Baja Raptor 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter is equipped with a dual battery design, so you can extend your range even further. The suspension in the sturdy chassis creates a smoother ride, no matter the terrain. With the Baja Raptor, you’ll be able to enjoy the journey with confidence.


  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Up to 14 mph maximum speed
  • 60” turning radius
  • 19 miles per charge at 400 lbs. (31 miles at 220 lbs.)
  • 20”x18” limited recline memory foam seat with manual adjustment, sliders and height, width, depth and angle adjustable armrests
  • Full LED light package includes LED headlights, directional signals and brake lights that offer full visibility for increased safety
  • Hand brake with standard regenerative and electromechanical braking system
  • Easy-to-read LCD console which shows estimated speed, mileage, and battery display
  • Secure, lockable under seat storage compartment
  • Sleek and solid design for enhanced stability
  • Front and rear-view suspension
  • Front storage compartment located on the tiller
  • Tubeless pneumatic tires for a smooth ride
  • Two rear-view mirrors
  • XLR USB charger



Baja® Raptor 2 3-Wheel
Model Number
Number of Tires
Front Tires2
3″x16″ Tubeless Pneumatic
Rear Tires2
3″x16″ Tubeless Pneumatic
Maximum Speed9
Up to 14 mph
Highest Ground Clearance3
3.5″ at center frame; 1.37″ at anti-tip; 6.18″ at highest point
Turning Radius2
Overall Length2
Overall Width2,4
Seat-to-Ground Height Range2
Seat-to-Deck Range2
Standard Seat Type
High-back Memory Foam Limited Recline
Materal: Black Vinyl
Seat Size2: 20″x18″
Seat Weight2: 45.6 lbs.
Weight Without Batteries2,5,6
212.8 lbs.
Weight of Heaviest Piece2
318.8 lbs. (unit does not disassemble/ weight includes seat, base and batteries)
Battery Weight7
53 lbs. each
Battery Requirements8
(2) 75AH
Range Per Charge9,10
Up to 19 miles at 400 lbs. (full speed);
Up to 31 miles at at 220 lbs. (at low speed)
Battery Charger
Off-board, 8A
Front and rear
Drive System
Rear-wheel drive sealed transaxle with 24-volt DC motor
Braking System
Regenerative and electromechanical
Maximum Weight Capacity
Up to 400 lbs.
Non-Medical Device*
Lifetime Limited on Frame
2-year limited on electronics
2-year limited on drivetrain
6-months limited on batteries
Color Options
Candy Apple Red, True Blue, Black with color inserts (Candy Apple Red, True Blue, Evolution Orange, Green Machine, Lemon Crush, Pink Topaz, Matte Black)
1This product is not a medical device and is not intended to assist, treat, diagnose, or alleviate any medical condition or disability.
2Due to manufacturing tolerances and continued product improvement, this specification is subject to a variance of +/- 3%.
3Does not account for anti-tip clearance.
4Width of base (not including seat).
5Battery weight not included.
6Includes standard seat weight.
7Battery weight may vary based on manufacturer.
8Deep cycle (AGM or gel cell type recommended).
9Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery amp- hour (AH), battery charge, battery condition and tire condition. This specification can be subject to a variance of (+ or -) 10%.
10Tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA, WC Vol 2, Section 4 and ISO 7176-4 standards. Results derived from theoretical calculations based on battery specifications and drive system performance. Test conducted at maximum weight capacity.The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.*This product is not a medical device and is not intended to assist, treat, diagnose, or alleviate any medical condition or disability.


our Pride product has undergone thorough product testing to ensure safety, durability and performance.

The tests are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the stringent testing regiment developed by Pride’s Research & Development Team.

All products have passed, and in many cases, exceeded test criteria set forth, assuring the high level of quality synonymous with Pride.

Some of the items our testing criteria include are:

  • Product Stability & Brakes Effectiveness Tests
  • Fatigue & Impact Strength Verification Tests
  • Overall Product Performance Verification
  • Dimensional Requirement Compliance
  • Product Durability & Reliability Testing
  • Material Protective Coating Testing Verification
  • Misuse and Abuse Testing
  • Ergonomic Verification
  • Environmental Testing for Adverse Weather Operation Conditions
  • Electronic Systems Performance and Durability
  • Chemical and Bio-Contamination Analysis Testing for Toxicity Verification
  • Cal 117 Flammability Test Compliance for Seating Foam and Fabric Components
  • UL94VO Flammability Testing for Compliance of Plastic Components
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


  • Lifetime limited warranty on frame
  • 2-year limited warranty on electronics
  • 2-year limited warranty on drivetrain

Download Warranty Insert

*This product is not a medical device and is not intended to assist, treat, diagnose, or alleviate any medical condition or disability.

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